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Scrum methodology is a term that may sound intimidating and fancy at the same time Tug McGraw Phillies Jersey , but it shouldn’t continue to befuddle you. Below is a simple explanation broken down into bullet points for you:

. Scrum is a process and value system. It is a method applied to project management.

. It was conceptualized by two Japanese men named Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikukiro Nonaka, who specialized on product development and processes. The aim of the approach is to increase the speed of production while allowing flexibility in the project planning process. They based the concept on case studies they made involving manufacturers of vehicles, computers, and office equipment.

. Takeuchi and Nonaka called it a holistic or rugby (as in the sport) approach. The entire process involves a team of people performing tasks that overlap Tim McCarver Phillies Jersey , akin to passing a ball back and forth.

. “Scrum” is a term in rugby that refers to restarting the game after an unintentional albeit minor violation in the field.

. A project is normally dissected into different parts by the project manager. Each part goes to a person of responsibility whose skills and knowledge match the requirements for that part. For simplicity’ sake, let’s call that person of responsibility the team leader.

. The team leader and his team members take the part given to them and analyze its requirements. They must complete their assigned tasks within a short period of time, which in scrum methodology is called a “sprint.”

. Each team is responsible for conducting meetings among themselves to check if everything in their division is going according to plan.

. The team leader is empowered to make decisions for his division without having to deal directly with the project manager or get permission from the powers that be. This method saves time as they need not halt what they’re doing to wait until they receive upper management directive.

. Communication is regimented in scrum methodology as updates are critical and need to be available in real-time and on demand. This means that each team is responsible for consistently entering data into a system to let everyone know their progress. If there appear to be signs of potential delays in that division, the project manager will be able to see these and help nip them in the bud.

. The advantage of such a regimented communication system is that this results in fewer mistakes and other untoward incidents that could cost the company thousands of dollars to rectify. With everyone required to have a voice Steve Carlton Phillies Jersey , it gives all members more control over their work. This mandatory transparency forces people to focus on the quality of their output.

. Scrum methodology works for manufacturers who wish to save money and complete things within tighter deadlines. Faster completion times mean they can create more to meet the demand for their product while still adhering to quality. In a nutshell, it is better output for less money.

. If the business community adopted this highly disciplined method, every industry would be able to minimize wastage, and our natural resources would not be as strained as they are now.

Ade Shokoya shares a wealth of knowledge on scrum methodology and encourages every business owner to adopt proven and effective methods for their business processes.

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